Becoming a Legend

Becoming a Legend

The Voyage

A long time ago, a ship set sail from Bordeaux, France. In an age when the vast, empty ocean, and silent soaring seabirds... were the only witnesses to the precious vines the voyage carried...

And on touching this land their grapes were turned into a mysterious wine that in time would become a magical legend.

The Mystery

Wines were kept under lock and key

Although they mysteriously kept disappearing from the cellar.

The Rumour

So, more than a hundred years ago he devised a plan to put an end to the thefts... He spread a rumor that the devil lived in his cellar.

They say the rumor spread like wild fire. Many claimed to have seen the devil with their own eyes, and before long everyone trembled with fear.

The Legend

No one was ever able to confirm the existence of his cellar’s guardian...

Now The Legend lives on.