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Wine Legend Trailer: An International Success

June 10, 2014

Once again Casillero del Diablo’s successful Wine Legend campaign made news for its extraordinary international acceptance after receiving 3 new awards from important publications and festivals in the United Kingdom and France.

The UK’s prestigious Harpers magazine celebrated our campaign in the “Engaging the Consumer” category in its Harpers Wine & Spirit Awards in recognition of its great quality and production.

Just a day after receiving this great news the international magazine The Drinks Business recognized Wine Legend in the “Best Consumer Campaign” category in its 2014 Drinks Business Awards.

Our winning campaign was spearheaded by a film that brought a wine brand to the attention of a whole new audience, it managed to connect fantasy with reality. It’s sexy, exciting and what we want wine to be,” noted the jury of the event.

Added to these important achievements are two new awards from the international Oenovideo Festival in France. The jury voted our trailer-type film worthy of the “Prize for Creativity and Imagination” and another for “Best Film for a Promotional Campaign.”

A lot of creativity. A brilliant idea for telling a story that has been repeated so many times for more than a century in a totally innovative way. The casting was well done. In less than two minutes we have suspense and emotion. We are riveted. What more could we want?” said one of the festival judges.

These important distinctions are added to other awards at the end of 2013. The first was from the Chilean Design Association, which named Wine Legend the winner of the Digital and Multimedia category.

During its 14th Advertising Festival, the Chilean Association of Chilean Advertising Agencies gave the campaign’s interactive video a “Silver Award” in the Digital category.

Finally, the British magazine The Grocer recognized Casillero del Diablo for its “Top Advertising Campaign 2013” in the Wine category and also named Wine Legend as “Ad of the Week.”