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Successful Asia Tour for Marcelo Papa

November 27, 2013

Casillero del Diablo winemaker Marcelo Papa recently returned from his third trip to Asia. This time he visited 7 countries in 12 days, presenting the latest from Casillero del Diablo and its tremendous enological quality.

His journey began in Sydney, Australia, where he met with executives from the Coles distributorship and presented a number of seminars on Casillero del Diablo. He then flew to Taipei, Taiwan, where he met with key members of the trade and communications media and gave presentations and a tasting.

marcelo-papa-asia2Next on Marcelo’s itinerary was Tokyo, Japan, where he met with Bic Shuan, one of Casillero del Diablo’s primary customers in that market, and held a series of events. He continued on to Osaka, where he was interviewed by Wine Kingdom, an important local wine magazine.

On his next stop in Seoul, Korea, Marcelo gave interviews with diverse communications media, including, Korea’s most important wine website.

In the home stretch, Marcelo headed for China and visited Quindao, Chengdu, and Changsha, where he gave several interviews, including with the South China Morning Post daily newspaper, and Lau Chi-Sun, the celebrated wine critic and editor of Wine Now magazine. He also hosted a number of wine dinners with local opinion leaders.


The last stop was Hong Kong, where he spoke to more than 100 students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who were then able to taste Casillero del Diablo with the brand’s winemaker.

“The tour was a complete success and having been able to show and taste the brand with customers, consumers, university students, renowned wine critics, and a range of communications media was very important and gratifying, both for Casillero del Diablo and for Concha y Toro,” Marcelo said.