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Main valleys where Casillero del Diablo is born

August 31, 2011

They are essential for the production of quality wines; they are becoming more important by the minute. Wineries of the world are focusing on them, taking into account the soils, climate and conditions which create world-class wines. We are referring to Chileʼs wine growing valleys and their characteristics – where the Casillero del Diablo Legend is born.

The valleys are located mainly between parallels 30° and 40° south. Few places in the world as Chileʼs wine valleys present such ideal characteristics for the production of quality wines. Among the valleyʼs main features are the influence of the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, perfectly balanced soils and mountain-water rivers.

Maipo Valley

One of the most iconic wine valleys in Chile is the Maipo Valley, located in the heart of the Valle Central, which begins at the feet of the Andes. The snowmelt waters carried by the Maipo River, rich in oxygen and minerals, generously water the vineyards growing in this river basin. The semi-arid Mediterranean climate has wide day-night temperature swings which help create our extraordinary Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine whose great character, delicate aromas and elegant fruit is famous worldwide.

Casablanca Valley

Another typical wine valley in Chile is the Casablanca Valley, renowned for its white wines, made from grapes influenced by gentle Pacific Ocean breezes that cool down temperatures during the summer. This helps produce quality fruit for Casillero del Diablo varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, among others. The end result of these outstanding wine growing conditions are wines with marked fruitiness, wide aromatic range and concentrated, expressive tropical aromas.

Limari Valley

One of the newest wine valleys to appear in the Chilean wine industry is the Limarí Valley, characterized by producing high quality, elegant wines. Located in the IV Region, Limarí has become the northernmost wine valley in the country. Casillero del Diablo winemaker, Marcelo Papa, has rated this land as “extraordinary” for the production of whites such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, as well as light reds such as Pinot Noir.

“Thanks to this areaʼs excellent conditions we have been able, since 2005, to do a great job in terms of wine growing. We have taken advantage of the valleyʼs privileged climate and chalky, clay soils, which are poor in organic content” says Marcelo Papa.

Rapel Valley

Another important valley with very successful wines, due to the great diversity of wine varieties grown there, is the Rapel Valley. Its Mediterranean climate and clay soils allow many different varieties to thrive, such as Casillero del Diablo Carmenere, Shiraz, Merlot and Malbec. The valley is divided into two zones, Cachapoal and Colchagua, which have both won international prestige particularly for producing red wine varieties such as Syrah and Carmenere.

The potential Casillero del Diablo has extracted from the wine valleys described above has resulted in excellent worldwide reviews and awards for the rangeʼs many varieties. The specialized press has distinguished both the brand and the work carried out in the countryʼs many wine growing valleys, leading to Casillero del Diabloʼs consolidated position as the premium Chilean wine brand with greatest global presence.

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