Casillero del Diablo News

British magazine names Casillero del Diablo’s Wine Legend Campaign its “Ad of the Week”

September 17, 2013

Describing it as a “glossy production” that would be “perfect for the film channels,” British magazine The Grocer named the Casillero del Diablo’s recently launched Wine Legend campaign its Ad of the Week.

The announcement compared the movie-style ad to the Thomas Crown Affair and the Da Vinci Code crime thrillers, calling the Wine Legend “high-budget stuff” and the legend “truly worth hearing.” It also commended its complementary web site.

Everyone can star in this mission to obtain one of the most valuable pieces in this ultra-secure museum: the most famous bottle of Casillero del Diablo in the world.

* With more than 150 years in print, The Grocer is a widely known weekly magazine distributed throughout the United Kingdom. It primarily covers topics related to the retail grocery, food and beverage industries.